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Cafe Nazdik Ketab (Nazdik Book Cafe): A roomy and bright cafe with smoking and non-smoking sections where you can spend some quality ‘me’ time with a book from the cafe’s bookshelves or enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee with your friends while listening to live music. The cafe also serves brunch, midday snacks and salads, thus catering to different tastes and needs. Various events are also regularly held in the cafe, such as birthday parties for well-known and popular Iranian artists with their own presence, book and play reading sessions, and even plays performed by young actors and actresses. 


amazing cafe

This cafe restaurant have Artistic ambiance ,We all said we will be back and tell our friends.


we celebrated our friends birthday party there ... we were very comfortable and the place was very cozy and chill. we had an enjoyable time.the drinks are also so good and refreshing.


Inja patoghe bachehaye daneshjoe, gheymatash monasabe ama khylii arzoonam nis, hayatesh khylii jalebe o denje, Ab mivehaye khyli khoshmazeie dare

try to sit in the garden. it has an astonishing atmosphere


Loved the vibe it's relaxing and juices are delicious


nazdik cafe is one of my favorite spots in the center with very nice atmosphere and good vibe. but price wise I always have the problem with cafes like nazdik that you have to pay a lot for very normal cafe or tea which is not costy and always in any country in the world is very cheap to take. actually should be cheapest in the menu.


It was near our hotel and we went by the reviews. Gracious host, great food, large portions and tea. What else does a tired traveler :))


This is one the very well known cafes in Tehran with outstanding variety in their menu and excellent quality meals and coffee. We loved their decoration and designing taste.

Cafe Nazdik

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    Karimkhan Zand Ave., Between Iranshahr and Mahshahr St., No. 134, 1st floor.