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One of the most well-known chain cafes in Tehran, Raess caters to different needs of its customers; you can drink your favorite beverage and learn how to make it yourself from Cafe’s staff. Barista training and Cafe management sessions are held in different branches upon demand. What’s more, if you ever decide to open your own coffee shop, they will teach you the rules of the game. Though small and with few tables, different branches of Raees Cafe create an intimate and quiet environment that coupled with high quality of their drinks is guaranteed to create enjoyable moments for you. 


کافی شاپ خوبیه، من برای صبحانه چندین بار رفتم مخصوصا سمیت تخم مرغ عالی هست


رفتار مسئول کافیشاپ بسیار محترمانه و دوستانه بود. از نوشیدنی ها راضی بودیم ولی متاسفانه لیوانها اصلا جالب نبودند وخیلی معمولی و ... کیک هم.... در کل به نظرم قیمت نسبت به خدمات و کیفیتش بالاست

hooman hejazy

i'm a fan and i try to get my americano here everyday :)


I'm a fan and go there often try caramel maciato


closest to starbucks in Iran


They serve the best coffe and best snacks in this place. there are so many branches in tehran. great vibes. do not miss out.


Ghahveh va cake hashon khyli khobe, ye menu e baraye daneshjoa daran ke baz nesbatan ye khorde manteghi mishe gheymatashon. hamrahe ghaza ( sandwich ha ) mast o khiar age darkhast bokonin beheton midan ke ali hast. hatman emtehan konid


really resembles Star Bucks and quality of their Coffees are excellent.


great Burgers here, it is amazingly like Burger King :)


Pretty famous among the young generation in Tehran, this cafe provides excellent quality coffee and meals.

Amir Hossein

I enjoy my Coffee mostly Americano here :)


I love this place and the Coffee is delicious and well brewed.


Very well managed Cafe and you get the same service in all their branches. Coffee is delicious here and my favorite is their Caramel Macchiato :)


They say that they are serving the best coffee in iran but this is the biggest lie ever,,,,so expensive and not a good quality as well,,,,,,,,,,,,, I believe they cant compete with the new coffee brands that are coming to the market


They are very organized and their branches are well managed, the quality of coffee is good as well.


Nice breakfasts here and tasty coffee, i like the vibe of this cafe.


My personal favourite coffee here is Caramel Moqiato, beautiful way to start your day :)

Cafe Raees

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    Motahari St, Fajr St, No 44.