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This amazing restaurant resembles a palace with individualized rooms you can reserve. The decor features original works by contemporary Iranian artists. The unique menu presents fusion persian traditional cuisine. Listed as one of Tehran's top 5 restaurants with predictably high prices, Divan's balcony has a sweeping view to the mountains. 


Nice atmosphere and good service. Great meal , Try Kateh steak for sure ;)


Perfect place to forget your bad days!enough parking! Nice design! Perfect meals


amazing design and great food.


The ambiance was excellent, steak with kate cooked to perfection. The service was fine


من متاسفانه اصلا از غذا خوشم نیومد ، رستوران الکی گرون و شلوغیه


Luxurious and delicious plates


first of all try to get your table at the balcony to enjoy the view of mountains north of tehran and then there is the menu which is perfect Iranian dishes probably the best in Tehran and its expensive


I agree. too expensive and busy.. didn't taste like Iranian food.. i personally won't go back...


If you are trying to impress your date with a luxurious dine out with great food this is the place to go... Other than that for a normal night out I would consider this place wayyyy over priced.


Divan is one of my favorite luxury restaurants in Tehran. The food is excellent and the staff are really professional. Also, I really love the atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors. The price is higher comparing to the other restaurants, but I still highly recommend it!


Loved it. Took 8 clients to dinner there and everything was great.You can see Tochal peak from the balcony. The view is spectacular, the food was outstanding and service was professional. Really had a great time. Portions were the right size. Highly recommended.


A lovely place to visit. It is in the higher price budget, but well worth it for a special celebration or a romantic dinner for two. honestly, I didn't expect such a place in Tehran,


This place would be an excellent choice for a nice evening with your friends and family as it offers extraordinary and delicious meals in a very classy environment.


Divan restaurant's interior design is a good symbol to manifest Iranian traditional art to a any forigner or Iranian tourist. Costumers are treated well, and there several tasty foods on its menu.


Fantastic place, great atmosphere, good food


Ey kash mesle roozhaye avalesh baghi mimoond! Moteasefane bad az jaa oftadane brand va esm, customer service az beyn mire vaa tanha chizi ke baghi mimoone gheimathaye gazaafe!


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    Fayazi St. (Fereshteh), Sam Center, 8th Floor