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This newly opened Turkish restaurant offers the best Turkish Kebabs (Doner) in the city.


Lovely Doner Kebabs here, i have tasted the best in Istanbul and honestly can say here i had the same experience.


Andarzgou Blvd has become the center for different hip and small restaurants here in Tehran and this Doner Kebab is one of them. for now quality and the service is excellent here :)


One of the best Turkish Kebabs i have had :)


Wonderful service, young and polite staff and fresh ingredients altogether :)


Jaash bad nist, decoresh khoobe, fazaash khoobe, amma ghaza, kabab torkie besiar mamooli! noonesham hatta noone monasebi nist va baraye shirini behtare ta donner!!


kabab torki kheli kheli khoshmaze bood , makhsoosan ba oon hajm ziyadi ke dare va services besyar khobi ke midan , man haftei ye bar ro hatman inja miram

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Doner Garden

  • Address

    Ashkestanpour Jonubi, Andarzgou Blvd