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Its Iranian KFC, Its one of the first to serve fried Chiken in Iran.

hooman hejazy

still one of the best in chicken business :))


who doesn't know kabooky :)) it's amazing


they are one of the first introducing fried chicken in Iran and they have been in business for a long time, their chicken is always fresh and tasty try it :))


The fried chicken I had was certainly one the best in the city. Fries were also amazing and they make their own ketchup as well. The place is very small and not suitable for large groups. The staff is friendly and the service is pretty quick.


من مرغ سوخاری های کابوکی رو دوست دارم و کیفیتش رو خوب میدونم و خیلی خوشمزه هست و اینکه برخورد کارکنانش خیلی خیلی خوب هست


Small place, great fried chicken! Very tasty and mouthwatering with excellent quality.


morgh sokhari hay khel khoshmaze va khobi dare ke man kheli kheli dost daram , barkhord karkonan besiyar khob va khoshbarkhord hastan .


Not what it used to be, the quality has dropped way since a couple of years ago.


I had Spicy Fried Chicken here and have to say it was delicious.


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