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Mansoon Restaurant Asian Cousine with live music. 


Fogholade Slow hastan to serve ghaza, yani khyliii SLOW ! kambood niroo daran, Sushi hashonam hamishe va raftas!


love the sushi here


they have ok Sushi but my concern is why they serve all their food with mayo it make me feel i am eating something else then Sushi.. the out door is nice to sit and chat .. location prefect for the businesses in Valasr Street and Jordan Area.. the staff were definitely nice and polite. But still missing a good Sushi in Tehran .. I prefer Kenzo 100 time better but i live next to Mansoon basically no choice :(


Barkhalafe nazare khanoome Naghme, be nazaram man sushi ha kheily khosh mazze hastan va aslanam vaa naraftan! customer serviceshoonam dar hadde maghoole, na bishtar na kamtar, tanha moredesh gheymate nesbatan balayie ke dare, albatte in faghat nazare mane! :)


Extraordinary lounge with amazing services and food, warm and friendly staff with elegance in decoration and design.

Monsoon Lounge

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    2 No, 1st Floor, Goldan St, Africa Blvd.