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After a long, strenuous shopping spree at the Grand Bazaar, Moslem is a great place for traditional Persian dishes and a verity of kebabs. This always pact restaurant serves huge portions. And dishes are reasonably priced.  


مگه میشه آدم بازار بره و غذای مسلم رو نخوره فقط موظب باشید یه غذا برای دو نفر سفارش بدبد چون واقعا حجم غذاست زیاده و نصف پرس برای سیر شدن کافیه


amazing koobideh kebabs. couldn't finish my dish


if you decide to go to old bazaar area dont forget to try this place


delicious kebabs with rice and butter what can i say :)))


the best :))) i think their koobide is the best dish


i like moslem a lot but once in a year :) it is a lot of rice to eat


my friends took me here the food is amazing guys :)))


i went there with two of my friends and we ordered Tah chin with chicken and Baghala Polo total two dishes and it was more than enough for the three of us really large portions of delicious food :)) if u plan to visit Tehran Bazaar do not miss the launch here


Went to Bazaar with team and they took me to this restaurant for lunch! I ate to death! lol The food is sooo delicious but fatty!!


یکی از بهترین رستورانهای بازار که همیشه هم خیلی شلوغه ولی غذای خیلی با کیفیت و خوشمزه ای داره!


This place is one of the oldest restaurants in Tehran It is worth the long wait and the Tahchin is an exception. However, do not expect a good service or a quiet lunch.


Yummy food, good prices, big food portions, very crowded


به شكل وحشتناكي شلوغه حتي وسط هفته! معطلي خيلي زياد داره! اصلا هم نظم و ترتيب نداره! همونطور كه پيداست همهمه هم خيلي زياده! ولي به ، ، جاش كيفيت و قيمت غذاها واقعا خوبه! تو تهراتن بهترينه

Hessam alavi987

فرقي نداره ١٢ ظهر اونجا باشين يا ٤ صداي سرسام آور قاشق چنگال جز لاينفك اين رستورانه!


خیلی خوب و خیلی دوست داشتنی اما خیلی شلوغ. البته بازهمخ ارزش دارد.

Moslem Restaurant

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    15 Khordad St., Sabzeh Meydan, Haj Rahim Khan Alley, No. 4