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 Is famous for their Kebab With hot breads ( Lavash bread ), fresh basil and fast service.

Its one the few Kebab restaurants which does not serve rice. when you order, first you are greeted by hot breads and traditional chees as you wait for your main course. At weekends they do not accept reservation so its better to get there early.

If you are interested in having kebab without rice, this is the place for you. it's one of the best Kebab places in town.

hooman hejazy

They use fresh ingredients and Kebab's are delicious.


Try this place every day except Fridays, They serve very fresh Basil with kebabs, and try Ayran ( Dogh )


love their kebabs


We order from here for our get togethers, kababs are amazing


It's better to enjoy it at this place instead of ordering


This place has very delicious foods including Kobide kebab. If you like to try Kobideh kebab you come try this place and if you do not want shishlikKobideh try Shishlik


my Iranian friends took me here their kebabs are fantastic.


absolutely the best :)) love their kababs and service is great and fast


this place has the best kebab in town specially kabab "koobide". make sure wen you go there order koobideh. very jucy and tender. i couldnt get enough. we had the kebab delivered to my friends' house. it was great.


they have been there for a long time and they have devoted customers who go there or order weekly, i like their style they keep it simple and delicious must try their kebabs with fresh vegetables and hot bread :)))


when i crave wings , rayhoon is THE place .. i like Rayhoon


All meaty juicy menu with perfectly cooked kababs. The Shishlik is the most succulent rib kebab I have tasted.


We went to this place last time I was in Tehran and they have these amazing, delicious and mouthwatering kebabs! Loved it!


I really like the koobideh,,,,,,,,the best koobideh,,unfortunately I haven't tried the other foods but totally I liked the ambient and the food. The price is a bit high but its fine.


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    Africa Blvd, Kajabadi St, No18.