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One of oldest Kebab restaurants in Iran famous for their Kebab with hot breads.


love it and i couldnt finish my dish :))


kababs here are amazing ::))


kebabs are great and the hot bread just out of oven :))


we were invited here and the food was amazing


had trouble finding park space for our car other than that amazing dishes :))


one of the best kebabs in Tehran with great service


very nice service and food is amazing


we were there last month it was very crowded and we waited a long time for our dishes, i ordered koobid kebab, it was delicious


its amazing how fast they manage to bring your order considering how busy they are


a little hard to find parking considering the location, once u get there the food and service is fantastic :))


The food is awesome and is served very quickly. The manager/owner also comes to tables to greet his customers and offer them gum! Super friendly and kind old man. we loved this place.


Simply said, everything is good , best way to get here is using BRT buses which are very fast, otherwise, u have to stay in traffic more than one hour in Park way area


This place is quite famous among all folks in Tehran and I've tried it, and it checks out! The quality of the meals served here are amazing and they treat you like family. I mean all Iranians do but you don't expect this at a restaurant and these guys are just terrific. You should definitely try them out if you're ever in Tehran.

Shater Abbas

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    Parkway, Nouri Alley, No10.