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One of Iranians favourite Breakfasts with alot of calories is sheeps head and other parts boiled and cooked in a traditional way. If you like to try it Brreh Sefid is one of the best in Tehran


the best kalabch you can find in tehran :))


you have to wakeup early to have a breakfast at this place 5 am is good :))


delicious and tasty kale pache i go there every weekend :)


Apparently one of the greatest places in Tehran to get "kalleh Pacheh". It doesn't have much to offer but the things we had tasted pretty good...

Laleh Ahmadi

اینجا یکی از طباخی های معروف تهرانه و همه هم کله پاچه هاشو دوست دارن

Tabakhi Bare sefid

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    Towhid Sq, Satar Khan Blvd.