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This restaurant has friendly staff and serves Persian dishes and seafood.


The food is always perfect in this place. They are very committed to the quality that they are serving. The ambiance is also nice as a Kebab house. Staffs are always polite and they know how to serve customers.


Just across the street from Mellat park, this is a pretty fancy place, but not snobby. White tablecloths, western music playing, pictures of famous customers on the wall,you almost could be in Paris. They have English menus and free WiFi if that's important. But, the food is the reason to visit this place. It was truly excellent.


،برگ و کوبیدش حرف نداره بهترین رستوران برای جمعه ظهرها ولی خوب خیلی هم شلوغ میشه


their koobideh kebab is simply amazing


really good food and good service


try the shrimp its awesome :))


perfect restaurant for family gatherings the service and food are amazing and ofcourse its on the pricy side


i like this restaurant my family goes there all the time and the food is amazing guys :))


If you want to try traditional Persian "chelo kebab" you must go to this place and order the "koobideh kebab". its very delicious and the kebabs are really tender and juicy. you wont regret it.


خیلی خیلی کباب های خوشمزه ای داره مخصوصا کباب کوبیده و برگش که بسیار لذیذه و من حتما پیشنهاد میکنم که به این رستوران برید ولی یه مشکلی که وجود داره اینه که این خیلی شلوغ میشه ولی خیلی سریع و خوب به همه مشتری ها رسیدگی میشه


Delightful food and service! The place gets crowded and when the food came we could see why. I definitely recommend this place.


يكي از رستوراناي قديمي تهران كه گويا سالهاست كيفيتش و حفظ كرده. پيشنهاد ميدم اگرتهران رفتيد حتما حتما اينجا بريد.


Although it was really busy there and we waited for 20 min to have a seat, the food was good, A place to come back every time. Good staff and delicious food make this restaurant one of Tehran's best!


ما خیلی از این رستوران غذا میگیریم و کیفیتش واقعاً عالیه! حتما امتحان کنید


kababy kheli khoshmazei dare va man kheli kheli kabab kobidasho dost daram , faghat hamoontor ke dostan dar bala goftan kheli restaurany shologhi mishe vali arzesh sabr kardan ro dare


Delicious traditional cuisine and great service, however, it is on the pricey side. Their Kebabs are amazing.


They have many regular customers who have been coming here for years and the reason is the high quality of their service and food. At weekends make sure you call ahead and reserve your table.


One of the classic and traditional restaurants in Tehran with amazing Kebabs. i recommend trying Chicken Kebab here.


kababhay khoshmaze va binaziri dare , man kabab barg va kobidasho dost daram , kheli khoshmaze va laziz hast .


kababhay khoshmaze va binaziri dare , man kabab barg va kobidasho dost daram , kheli khoshmaze va laziz hast .


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    Valiasr Ave., Across from Mellat Park