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Spanning an area of 38,960 square meters, Cheshmeh Belqeis or Belqeis Spring is located 2 kilometers east of the city of Charam. Locals believe Cheshmeh Belqeis Garden was originally created toward the end of the Sassanid era (226-651 CE) and early Islamic period by a woman named Belqeis. The current garden dates back to the early Pahlavi era (1925-1979) when a man named Eskandar Khan Charami purchased and revived it. This attraction consists of a garden encircled by a spring. A network of waterways irrigates the garden’s many pomegranate, lime, sweet lemon, orange, pear, apple, walnut, fig, persimmon, palm, weeping willow and cypress trees, and grapevines. The garden has a central pool and is a popular picnic spot.



an oasis in the middle of desert. beautiful it is with it's tall palm trees and cold water.

Sima Sarmast

Very beautiful garden to visit. by far the best place in yasuj

Cheshmeh Belqeis Garden

  • Address

    Choram Gachsaran - Basht Yasouj Rd