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The Amir ChaKhmaq Complex was built by Yazd governor Amir Jalaleddin Chakhmaq and his wife during the Timurid dynasty (15th-16th century CE). The complex consists of a square, a mosque, a public bath, a caravansary, a mausoleum, a Tekyeh (a religious place for mourning), a water well, two Timurid era water reservoirs and a confectionery. The Amir Chakhmaq structure has a three-story elaborate façade of symmetrical sunken arched alcoves. The building is lit up with orange lighting in the alcoves at night, which give it a spectacular appearance. The Amir Chakhmaq mosque has a dome with green tiles and Kufic inscriptions. Mo’arraq tiles have been used to decorate its windows and the mihrab has moqarnas and mo’arraq embellishments.

Hooman Hejazy

Over the years this structure has become one of the cities icons due to its beauty and architecture especially during the night when the building is lit up by the reddish lights. the semmetrical design is unique among the mosques in Iran. In the middle, there is a vaulted street with stores on each side where you can buy unique silk Persian carpets and other souvenirs.


Beautiful Square and in every corner you have different scenery, you should try it at night though when the yellow-orange lights lid up the structure and of course at the corner of the square is the famous Haj Khalifeh confectionary wich offers a variety of mouth-watering sweets.


این میدان اصلی ترین جایی هست که باید دید. اگرچه بناهای بزرگ تر و زیباتر هم در یزد هست اما به خطر وسعت دید و همچنین نزدیکی به بزرگترین مغازه شیرینی سنتی یزد اینجا مهمتره.


امیرچخماخ یک چهارراه کلیدی در یزد هست. هم بنای تاریخی فوق العاده دارد و هم برای خرید بهترین شیرینی های یزدی باید اینجا رفت.


بازسازی این مکان تاریخی به خوبی صورت گرفته. با سنگفرش خیابان هم به زیبایی این محله افزوده شده. این کار جای تقدیر دارد.

Amir Chakhmaq Complex

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