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Dowlatabad Garden is one of the famous gardens of Yazd which enshrines a number of structures including a house dating back to the Afsharid (1736–1796) and Zand (1750–1794) eras and the famous Dowlatabad Wind Tower.

The garden, which spans an area of 72,000 square kilometers, was originally created by Mohammad Taqi Khan also known as the Great Khan who governed Yazd in the 18th century.

In order to create this heavenly garden in the midst of one of the driest cities of Iran, the Khan initially had a 65 kilometer deep Qanat (underground water management system resembling a well) dug to transfer water from Mahriz to the city of Yazd. This 200-year-old Qanat consisted of a network of five Qanats that traveled the 50-kilometer distance from the city of Mahriz to Yazd and provided water for several villages along the way before arriving at the garden.

The Dowlatabad Garden is an example of Persian Paradise Gardens meaning it has a Chahar Bagh layout intended to bring to mind the four rivers of the Garden of Eden. A Chahar Bagh layout is a quadrangular/rectangular canal pattern in which waterways or pathways are used to quarter the garden.

Like all Persian Gardens, the central structure is built on the highest point of the garden and there is a large pool in front of the structure to reflect the building. Irrigated by a Qanat, the garden is built on a slope to facilitate the natural flow of water.

In the style of Persian Gardens, trees and flowers are planted in this garden based on their usefulness; therefore, there are more fruit trees, then shade trees and finally flowers. Dowlatabad Garden has a variety of trees like pine and cypress, rose bushes, grape vines and pomegranate trees.

Mohammad Taqi Khan, who founded the Khans of Yazd Dynasty, established his residence and center of power within the garden.  The garden, which is known for its beautiful network of waterways, has several buildings including a Mirror Hall, Harem House, Façade, Servants Quarter, Tehrani Monument, Summer Stables, Winter Stables, Sabbat and Administrative Building.

The Dowlatabad Garden has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list as one of the prime examples of the Persian Garden.


Home to the world's tallest wind tower and a magnificent Persian garden, I was fascinated by the fact that the owner brought the water from 50 km away and how amazing the engineering was behind all aspects of this heavenly garden in the middle of the desert.


دیدن یک فضای سرسبز و آب روان کمتر در توقع مسافرها هست. اما با رفتن به این مکان کلا باورها عوض میشود.


Beautiful Persian garden and definitely worth visiting. from pomegranate to grapes all sorts of plants are grown in the garden which is watered by the Qanat water brought from miles away. amazing long pool with beautiful water fountains.

Dowlatabad Garden

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