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The Shesh Badgir Anbar (Six-wind towered cistern) was built in 1834 during the Qajar era (1781–1925). Water reservoirs, or 'Ab Anbars' as they are nationally known, are traditional water supply systems that make urban settlements possible in the Kavir desert region of Central Iran. Ab Anbars consist of four elements: underground reservoir, platform, dome, and wind tower. The dome of this Ab Anbar is egg shaped and the wind towers are octagonal shaped.


در دوره خود بسیار مفید بوده.معماری خلاقانه زیبای یزدی که از باد بهترین استفاده را میکنند در این بنا به خوبی قابل درک است. بادگیرهای روی آب انبار

Shesh Badgir Ab Anbar

  • Address

    Darvazeh Ghasabha