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Yazd Water museum is located in the 100-year-old Kolah-douz-ha house, which is a five-story house and has two Qanat streams running underneath one of which is still active. The unique instruments displayed in the museum detail historical technologies related to water, water transactions, various deeds of endowment, traditional water distribution methods and different ancient utensils used to store or transfer water.


Considering Yazd is an ancient city in the desert area, I felt it was necessary to visit this Museum which is very close to Amir Chakhmagh Square to better understand how they came up with the system to organize and arrange the distribution of water in this desert for so long. All kinds of tools and accessories are on display at this museum to help us better understand the engineering behind underground water systems in the hot areas.


با رفتن به این موزه فهمیدم همین آب رو که به راحتی هدر می دیم مردم در کویر با چه زحمتی به دست می آوردند. ایده های خلاقانه و زحمت فراوان آنها ستودنی بوده.

Yazd Water Museum

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    Shohada Crossroads, Beginning of Qiam St.