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The family-friendly restaurant has a variety of Persian dishes. 


Mind blowing garden view...its so much pleasent if you choose to sit outside if the weather is well. food is great as well.


غذا خوردن تو این فضا خیلی میچسبه واقعا خوش گذشت و غذا هم خوب بود


me and my parents went to this place in spring and we sat outside in the garden.amazing garden and we really liked the Persian food and the staff of the restaurant were very polite and smiling at us all the time. felt like we were back home.


Amazing garden up front, it's like the perfect place to enjoy the perfect food.

Moshir-ol Mamalek

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    Enghelab St., Moshir Blvd., Moshir-ol Mamalek Hotel