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Dashkasan or the Dragon Temple is located 10 kilometers southeast of Soltaniyeh near Veir Village. Dashkasan consists of three deep, manmade caves that have exquisite stone carvings. One of these carvings is the image of two 3.5-meter dragons facing each other. There are alters decorated with floral and arabesque motifs as well as stone Muqarnas decorations on either side of these carvings. According to one theory, these carvings are the work of Chinese artists commissioned by Ilkhanid ruler Oljeitu (1280 – 1316). Other researchers believe this temple was initially used by the followers of Mithra in Sassanid (226-651 CE) Iran and was later used as a temple by the Ilkhanids before they converted to Islam. 

Lama Odeh

The road to this beautiful temple is very nice and green, specially in spring, and the temple itself is fascinating with its old manmade caves.

Dashkasan Temple

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    Zanjan Province