Viuna Hotel

Located on a hill above the historical village of Abyaneh, Viuna hotel is a multi-story structure with 30 rooms as well as camping grounds. Staff speaks English and the hotel restaurant offers a variety of Persian and international dishes. Rooms are modern, well-equipped and some have panoramic views of Abyaneh.

Abyaneh Historical Village
+98 21 22 66 0192
Air Conditioning
DVD Player
Playground for children
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24h Booking Confirmation
24h Booking Confirmation
24h Booking Confirmation
24h Booking Confirmation
24h Booking Confirmation

خب از نظر ظاهر و اقعا هتل جالبیه و کاملا سنتیه به همین خاطر من دوسش داشتم ، اما متاسفانه سطح خدمات رسانی ضعیفه و هنوز راه زیادی رو برای پیشرفت داره که امیدوارم به زودی شاهد ارتقا این هتل باشیم چون واقعا ارزش داره ،از برخورد صمیمانه پرسنل واقعا لذت بردم
We stayed here with friends for one night while visiting historical Abyaneh Village. its a common hotel and service is convenient. hotel restaurant offers variety of delicious Iranian plates. and its located at the beginning of the village.
It is the only hotel in Abyaneh, so if you want to stay you really don't have a choice and overall it's a clean and cozy hotel. Personally, the highlight of my stay here was the hotel restaurant and their delicious local dishes.
Visited Abyaneh on our way back from Isfahan and decided to stay for the night. It is a common hotel with clean rooms and for me, the view from my room was amazing you could see the entire village and the hotel restaurant served really mouth watering plates.
Nice and cozy hotel with clean rooms and polite staff. In the morning you can walk to the village from hotel and view from your room is also amazing in the early morning.
Hooman Hejazy
Still, the best place to stay at Abyaneh Village although there are ongoing constructions of new motels and apartments here due to the tourism boom. Clean rooms, warm and friendly staff and nice restaurant are the major features of this hotel and of course above all: the view :) After breakfast, you can enjoy a little walk about 10 minutes downhill towards the entrance of the village and enjoy your day at this historical village.
Although they are building new motels and hostels here still one of your only choices to stay in Abyaneh overnight is this hotel. The highlight of it has to be the restaurant behind the lobby and despite its simple look they serve a variety of traditional Iranian meals here (home cook style). Rooms are clean and the view is spectacular. the hotel is about 10 minutes walk from the village and there are buses available if you don't feel like walking.
Nice hotel, i enjoy hanging around in the lobby and the traditional tea place there.
Standard service and beautiful location, i enjoyed the restaurant dishes.
Good enough for one night to stay in, however, the restaurant serves some awesome food.