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Standing at 4,850 meters, Alam Kouh peak is the second tallest mountain in Iran after Mount Damavand. Alam Kouh is located 47 kilometers from Chalous and has a rock wall, which is one of the most challenging walls to scale for rock climbers.


Needs not much of an intro since most of the mountain climbers and rock climbers consider this mountain a heaven.


Climbed Alam Kouh with my Iranian friend and it was one my favourit summits climbed yet. Make sure you have the right gear before climbing and always have warm cloths with you even in the summer, it gets chili up there :)


I have tried to climb to the top last year and the weather got really bad so we had to turn around but this year i am going back it is wonderful here at the second highest mountain in Iran.


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    Alborz Mountain Range