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Fin Forest Park or Chalous Forest Park is located 6 kilometers south of Chalous on the road to Karaj. The Chalous River passes by this park. The park has pavilions, cabins, camp ground, restaurant, shops and a playground for kids. 


Perfect Park to stop and rest while on the road from North to Tehran. They offer all kinds of kebabs and you get to relax in cozy wooden rooms while watching river pass you by.


Before reaching Chalous we always stop here to rest after four hours of driving have tea and some snacks before we set to our destination. they have traditional tables by the Chalous river wich is very relaxing :)


Just before Chalous you can make a stop here and they serve Tea and all kinds of Kebabs here. If you smoke Ghalian (Hubble Bubble) you can enjoy it here :)

Fian Forest Park

  • Address

    Chalus Rd, Mazandaran Province