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Khalid Nabi also known as Khalid bin Sinan is believed to have been a prophet, who is buried 90 kilometers northeast of the city of Gonbad-e Kavus. Turkmens believe he is one of the four prophets to emerge between Jesus and Mohammad (PBUH). His mausoleum is located close to a historical site considered by archeologists to be an ancient cemetery. This cemetery is an open field filled with over 600 phallic sculptures and has come to be known as the “Valley of Genitalia”. Locals believe these sculptures are the men who were in pursuit of Khalid Nabi but were turned to stone by God so they would not be able to harm his prophet. Some archaeologists say this site was a cemetery established by a group of phallic worshipers over a millennium ago. The best time to visit this site is in the spring as accessing it can be difficult during harsh winters and hot summers.

Khaled-e Nabi Mausoleum and Cemetery

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    Golestan Province