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Gorgan Museum is located in one of the 12 Pahlavi era (1925-1979) palaces in Iran and was opened in 1964 to house the items uncovered during excavations of various archeological sites in the area. The museum operated with a collection of 152 items until 1982. Following renovation efforts, the museum was reopened in 2009. Gorgan Palace is a two-story structure built in the European style of architecture. The first floor of the museum has displays dedicated to 30 prominent figures from Golestan Province. The second floor showcases 100 items which previously belonged to the Pahlavi family. There are several tomb stones dating from the 9th to 19th century displayed in the courtyard of the palace. The museum also has an archeology hall in which a host of items datable to 5,000- to 150-years-ago. 

Gorgan Palace Museum

  • Address

    Park-e Shahr, Pasdaran St., Gorgan