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Spanning an area of 92,000 hectares, Golestan National Park is home to 69 different mammals and 149 bird species. Golestan National Park is also home to the brown bear, jungle cat, roe deer, Urial, Corsac fox, wild goat, and Caspian red deer. This park is a great bird watching destination. So far, 18 different bat species have been identified in this park. Some of the other birds in Golestan National Park include the long-legged buzzard, black-bellied sandgouse, Bonelli's eagle, Cinereous vulture, white-tailed eagle, spotted owlet and little bustard. The park has over 21 springs and is a protected area. Visitors can camp in the park after obtaining a permit. 


One of the most amazing nature reserves in North of Iran where two different climates meet. During spring there are tours for camping here and make sure you choose a good company and you can enjoy this beautiful forest and its nature.


We camped here last month and the tour service was perfect. they thought of everything and took us on long hikes to see the beauties of this amazing forest. For me, the highlight of the trip was watching sunset here :)

Golestan National Park

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    Golestan Province