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Located 4 kilometers south of Gorgan, Nahar Khoran Forest Park spans an area of 168 hectares. Nahar Khoran falls under the category of Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests and includes several restaurants, inns, hotels and villas. This forest park has several springs, the most famous of which is Sefid Cheshmeh. The only river in Nahar Khoran is named Ziarat which flows from the heights of Ziarat Village and runs a 40 kilometer course. 


Amazing place and very well known forest among campers and nature lovers. Each season presents a different kind of beauty and you can enjoy your visit almost any month of the year.


We were here in Fall and I can't describe the beauty of this forest and the colours just WOW :)


They should protect it better, during Iranian new year tourists leave alot of trash and damage the eco-system of this beautiful forest.


Locals go for hiking here everyday and i have to say i was jelous why we dont have such an amazing place back home :)


Amazing forest, I visited during Autumn and the combination of green, yellow, orange and red colors was simply stunning. This park is very well managed and locals come here daily to enjoy this amazing place and connect with the beautiful nature in this northern city.

Nahar Khoran Forest Park

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