Chahar Taqi structure

Shahid Kolahduz St.

The Chahar Taqi (four arches) structure in Ilam is the ruins of a Sassanid Fire Temple. The domed sanctuary is where the fire-altar of the temple once...


Falahati Palace

Shadabad St.

Falahati Palace is a Qajar era (1785–1925) monument built by Gholam Reza Khan, the then governor of Ilam. The palace has five rooms which have been bu...


Mir Gholam Castle

Hashemabad Village

Mir Gholam Castle is a military-residential castle dating back to the early Pahlavi era (1925-1979). The castle has been built in the Sassanid style o...


Qouch Ali Inscription

North of Ilam

Qouch Ali Inscription is a Nastaleeq inscription located north of Ilam city. The inscription is 4.5 meters above ground and was ordered by Gholam Reza...


Seimareh Historical City

Darreh Shar

Seimareh Historical City is the ruins of a Sassanid (224 – 651 AD) city sprawled over a two-hectare area near Darreh Shar. It is believed that the cit...


Vaali Castle

Pasdaran St.

Vaali Castle is a Qajar era (1785–1925) structure made of marble, brick and gypsum. Gholam Reza Khan, the then governor of Ilam, built the castle as h...