Bahram Choobin Ravine

Bahram Choobin Ravine is an area containing the ruins of a fortress and military towers used as a stronghold by 6th century Sassanid commander Bahram...


Chamava Waterfall

18 kilometers from Ilam

Chamava Waterfall is located 18 kilometers from Ilam city. Located at the foot of Mount Bar Aseman and along Chamava River, this tiered, 6-meter water...


Dallav Canyon

25 kilometers from Ilam

Dallav Canyon is located 25 kilometers from Ilam city on the road to Islam Abad. This region is filled with natural springs and forests with baneh (wi...


Ema Waterfall

25 kilometers south of Ilam

Ema Waterfall is located 25 kilometers south of Ilam city near Ema Village and Ilam Dam Lake. This moss-covered waterfall is surrounded by ferns, and...


Gachan Waterfall

15 kilometers from Ilam

Gachan Waterfall is located 15 kilometers from Ilam city. This water fall is 15 meters high and is surrounded by walnut and oak trees. The natural bea...


Haft Ab Valley

Jafarabad Village

Haft Ab Valley is located 30 kilometers from Ilam city and begins in Jafarabad Village and continues into the Tul Ab Village heights where forests and...


Ilam Dam Lake

20 kilometers east of Ilam

Ilam Dam Lake is located 20 kilometers east of Ilam city on the road to Dareh Shahr. This dam was built in recent years to meet the drinking water dem...


Kabir Kouh

Ilam Province

Kabir Kouh is the most important and largest mountain range in Ilam Province. This mountain rage resembles a rock wall, stretching 160 kilometers from...


Kabir Kouh Protected Area

Ilam Province

Kabir Kouh Protected Area spans an area of 1,665 hectares and is covered in forests and plains. This protected area is the habitat of 46 bird and 19 m...


Knatarikeh Cave

35 kilometers from Ilam

Knatarikeh Cave is located 35 kilometers from Ilam city on the road to Dareh Shahr near Pakal Village. Due to its cool temperatures no animal lives in...


Sar Abeleh Village

18 kilometers northeast of Ilam

Sar Abeleh Village is located 18 kilometers northeast of Ilam city in a mountainous region. This area has a permanent river which originates from Kabi...


Sartaf Waterfall

3 kilometers from Ilam

Sartaf Waterfall is located 3 kilometers from Ilam city. This tiered waterfall is 7 meters tall and dries up during warmer months of the year. The nat...


Sheshdar Forest Park

5 kilometers from Ilam

Sheshdar Forest Park is located 5 kilometers from Ilam city near Mount Qalaqiran on the road to Kermanshah. This forest park is extremely popular duri...


Zamzam Wetland

76 kilometers east of Ilam

Zamzam Wetland is located 76 kilometers east of Ilam city. This wetland is raised 675 meters above sea level and spans a one-hectare area. Underground...


Zinegan Cave

52 kilometers from Ilam

Zinegan Cave is located 52 kilometers from Ilam city. This cave is one kilometer long and its many corridors, waterways and caverns as well as its sta...