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Anahita Temple in Kangavar city in Kermanshah is the most famous temple in Iran attributed to the Persian water goddess Anahita. There are several theories about the origins of this monument. According to some, this was a temple built by the Achaemenids (550-330 BC) as it is the second structure made of stone in Iran after Persepolis. Others consider this temple, which is located on a 32-meter-high hill, a Parthian (247 BC–224 CE) structure. Another theory considers this structure the remains of an unfinished palace for Sassanid king Khosrow II (570-628 CE).

The temple combines elements of Hellenistic and Persian architecture. The square-shaped structure has columns with carvings resembling those found in Persepolis and The Darius palace of Susa.

Anahita Temple

  • Address

    Kermanshah Province, Kangavar, Shohada St