Ab Anbar Sardar Bozorg

Qazvin Province, Qazvin, Rah Ahan

Ab Anbar Sardar Bozorg (Big Commander Water Reservoir) was built in 1812 by one of the Qajar commanders hailing from the city. The Ab Anbar is the big...


Ab Anbar Sardar Kouchak

District 1, Qazvin, Shahid Ansari St

Ab Anbar Sardar Kouchak (Little Commander Water Reservoir) is one of the biggest cisterns in Qazvin. One of the Qajar commanders hailing from the city...


Alamout Castle

Qazvin Province

Alamout (Eagle's Nest) was a mountain fortress where Hasan-i Sabbah (1050–1124) and his gang of Hashshashin or Assassins lived. Hassan Sabbah took upo...


Ali Qapu


Ali Qapu is the name Safavid (1502 – 1736) kings gave their palaces. The Safavids had an Ali Qapu in Isfahan, Tabriz and Qazvin. These palaces were la...


Chehel Sotoun

District 1, Qazvin, Qazvin Province

Chehel Sotoun (40 columns) is the name of a Safavid (1501–1736) pavilion in Qazvin which houses a calligraphy museum today. Chehel Sotoun and Ali Qapu...


Four Prophets Mausoleum

Qazvin Province, Qazvin, District 1, Peyghambariyeh

Peyghambariyeh or the Four Prophets Mausoleum is a Safavid (1501–1736) structure located west of the Chehel Sotoun monument in Qazvin. It is believed...


Hamdollah Mostofi Mausoleum

District 1, Qazvin, Hamdollah Mostofi St

Hamdollah Mostofi (1281–1349) was a Persian historian, geographer and epic poet through whose works we know that the people of Tabriz spoke Pahlavi Pe...


Jame Mosque of Qazvin

Qazvin Province, Qazvin, Sepah

The Jame Mosque of Qazvin is said to have been built by the order of Harun al-Rashid on the ruins of a Sassanid Fire Temple in 807 CE. Additions were...


Kantour Church

Qazvin Province, Qazvin, District 2, Daraee

Kantour Church also known as the Bell Tower was built by the Russians during WWII. The church has been built in the shape of a crucifix and has four d...


Koushk Door Gate

Qazvin Province, Qazvin, District 2, Naderi

Koushk Door Gate is one of the oldest gates in Qazvin which opens toward Alamout and the hunting grounds north of Qazvin. The gate was constructed to...


Meymoun Castle

Qazvin Province

Meymoun Qal’eh is the ruins of a castle located in the middle of Qazvin city, east of the Shazdeh Hossein Shrine. Some experts are of the opinion that...


Omid School

Qazvin Province, Qazvin, District 1, Helal Ahmar

Madreseh Omid or Omid school is a Pahlavi era (1925-1979) structure and was the first modern school of the country built in 1904. The building has mod...


Qajar Bath

Qazvin Province, Qazvin, District 1, Dargahi، Hammam Qajar

Qajar Bath is one of the oldest and biggest public bathes in Qazvin, which was built on the order of the Safavid ruler Shah Abbas (1571-1629) by one o...


Qazvin Bazaar

Imam Khomeini St

Qazvin Bazaar is a 1000-year-old market, which flourished during the Safavid era (1502 – 1736). The majority of the structures of the bazaar are from...


Shazdeh Hossein Shrine

Qazvin Province, Qazvin, Babol Janah

Shazdeh Hossein Shrine in Qazvin is the mausoleum of one of the sons of the eighth Shia imam Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (765-818). During the Safavid era (1...