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This traditional restaurant offers a selection of Persian dishes as well as local foods such as Qeimeh Nesar.


جوجه کباب های بسیار خوشمزه و لذیذ ی داره که من هرهفته میرم اینجا و جوجه کباب و کباب اینجارو میخورم و دوست من دیزی اینجارو خیلی دوست داره وخیلی خیلی برخورد کارکنان خوبهو به موقع به همه رسیدگی میکنن


I really enjoyed the Gheimeh Nesa here, it was amazing and delicious, will go back again soon :)


It really is one of the best in town if you want a real traditional food try here you wont be disappointed :)


We went here last month, i had Chicken Kebab with rice and it was very good, it is a little crowded and it is best to get there soon at weekends :)


Their food is like home cooked style and i love their Gheime Nesa, try it you will love it


I love this restaurant, its my favourite in the city and i highly recommend trying Dizi Sangi here :)


Try the Chicken Kebab here, it's always delicious :)

Meysam F

موسيقي خوب بود ولي از نظر محاسبه فاكتور كاملا غير حرفه اي عمل ميكنن! حتي علي رغم نت برگ كه نوشته حق سرويس نداره، حق سرويس ميگيرن! براي غذاها هزينه پلو را با دلايل منطقي(البته از نظر خودشون) حساب ميكنن


joje kabab hay khoshmaze va lazizi dare ke man dost daram , kabab kobide ham khoshmaze hast

Hezar-o Yek Shab

  • Type

    Traditional Persian

  • Address

    Vali-Asr Ave., Ayatollah Khamenei Blvd.