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Rasht, the capital of the Gilan province, has always been a popular weekend gateway destination for Tehranis looking to try out the famous local cuisine. It is also the largest, and wettest town in the North region. Travellers use it as a base to explore the amazing Qal-eh Rudhkan and photogenic Masuleh.
According to some historical accounts, the city was originally built in the Sassanid era (226-651 CE) but did not find importance until the Safavid era (1501–1736 ) when it began to flourish under Shah Abbas (1571-1629). Rasht was occupied by Russian and later British forces in WWI when it became the birthplace of the Forest Movement (1914-1921) which sought to restore Iranian sovereignty.
Above all, gastronomy in Rasht has become the symbol of the region. Indeed, throughout the generations, Rashti cuisine has not only continued to promote ancient recipes but also provided unique new cooking utensils and methods.

Day 1: Tehran - Fly to Rasht (1h)
Domestic Iranian flight
Check-in: Handpicked 5star hotel or a traditional house

  •  Rasht Bazaar
  •  Safi Mosque

In the evening enjoy your dinner at Shoureh Kouli Restaurant

  •  Anzali lagoon
  •  Sheikh Zahed Gilani Mausoleum

Overnight: Handpicked 5star hotel or a traditional house

Day 2: Rasht - Drive to Masouleh Village (1h 30min)

  •  Rural Heritage Museum of Gilan
  •  Exploring Masouleh Village

Enjoy the taste of local food and spend some time to shop for local goodies, such as the traditional pastry of Masouleh, kaka,
- make sure to buy the fresh one! You will drive back to Rasht in the afternoon and transfer to the airport.
Fly back to Tehran in the evening
Domestic Iranian flight

Discover Mysterious Rasht with us

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