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The mausoleum of Mirza Kouchak Khan is an octagonal structure built in 1993 in the Soleiman Darab Cemetery of Rasht. The mausoleum structure features strong Islamic and traditional elements in its design. Brick, tile, terracotta and wood are the main materials used in the construction of this 40 square-meter structure that stands 9 meters tall.

Mirza Kouchak Khan (1880-1921) was a Constitutional Revolution (1905 – 1911) figure and nationalist hero who led the Forest Movement and rebellion from 1914 to 1921 in a bid to restore Iranian independence and end Russian intervention and British influence in the country. He died of hypothermia while fleeing the Cossack army. Mirza Kouchak Khan’s mausoleum is visited by scores of Iranians every year.

Mirza Kouchak Khan Mausoleum

  • Address

    Soheil Dabiri St, Ostad Sara Ave.