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Touti, which means parrot in the Persian language, is a kebab shop that also serves two of Iran’s national favorite stews: Ash-e Sholeh Ghalamkar (herbs and bean stew) and Haleem (a stew with barley, wheat and meat that is served with cinnamon and sugar).  


Tried Halim here and have to say it's a tasty stew and they are very famous for their Kebabs as well.


Their Kebab was amazing and as an appetizer! I had Ash which is a local herbal stew and I thought it was a full meal itself :)


They are very famous here and on weekends your order will take about half an hour to be prepared.


This restaurant is quit famous, but i didnt like their service and I dont recommend it.


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    Distirct 2, Badi Allah