Farahabad  Complex

Mazandaran Province, Dangsarak

One of the most important Safavid cities, Farhabad was built and used by Shah Abbas I (1571-1629) as a winter capital and is where he is said to have...


Kolbadi Mansion

Mazandaran Province, Sari, SA'at Sq

Kolbadi Mansion is a Qajar era (1785–1925) residence with a 200-year history. The house has been designed to resemble Qajar Tekyeh (Royal Theater wher...


Lajeem Tower


Lajeem Tower is a Ziyarid era (930–1090) structure. The tower has Kufic and Pahlavi inscriptions and is the tomb of a nobleman. 


Resket Tower

Mazandaran Province

Resket Tower in Dodangeh District dates back to the 11th century. With its conical dome, this cylindrical tower is believed to have been built near th...


Soltan Zein-ol Din Tower

This octagonal tower is a 20-meter structure notable for its moqarnas and tilework decorations. This 15th century tower is the resting place of a Sari...


Vaziri Bath

Enghelab St

Vaziri Bath is a Qajar era (1785–1925) traditional bathhouse in Sari. The bath has an octagonal changing room (sarbineh) and a hot chamber (garm khane...