Abbasian Historical House
Isfahan Province, Kashan, Alavi Street
+98 31 552 409 02
Abbasi House is an 18th century traditional house said to have been the home of a prominent Kashan cleric. The house, which was built over 20 years, has six courtyards. This traditional mansion is a collection of Persian arts such as stained glass, lattice, moqarnas, mirrorwork and stucco reliefs. Built over an area of 7,000 square meters and in...
Aqa Bozorg Mosque and School
Masjed Alley
Aqa Bozorg Mosque and School are located in the center of Kashan. This 18th century mosque is considered the finest Islamic complex in Kashan due to its symmetrical design. The courtyard of the mosque has another courtyard with a pool and a garden inside it. The two doors of the mosque have 6,236 nails in them to match the number of verses in the Q...
Boroujerdi House
Alavi St.
+98 31 552 237 77
Boroujerdi House was built by the architect of the Tabatabaei House, Ali Maryam, in 1875. This master architect designed and built the house over 18 years and with the help of 150 workers. The house was built for the Boroujerdi bride who was a daughter of the Tabatabaei family. The Boroujerdi House has been built in two stories and includes trad...
Fayz Kashani Mausoleum
Eslami Tabar St
Mohsen Fayz Kashani (1598- 1680) was a poet, philosopher and hadith scholar, and a disciple of renowned Islamic scholar Mulla Sadra (1572-1640). He was a prolific writer in both Persian and Arabic. Fayz Kashani had requested in his will that no mausoleum be built over his grave. A Qajar Prince built the current mausoleum in honor of this outstandin...
Fin Bath
AmirKabir St.
+98 31 553 304 77
There are two baths located in the southern part of Fin Garden, which was originally designed and quartered off for the Safavid Shah Abbas I (1571-1629). The smaller one is a Safavid (1501-1736) building and the larger one was built by the Qajars (1785-1925). The small bath, which was built along with the original structures of the Garden, was u...
Fin Garden
AmirKabir St.
+98 31 553 304 77
Fin Garden is one of the most historically significant examples of garden and garden architecture in Iran as it is a complex combining the architectural features of Safavid (1501-1722), Zand (1750–1794) and Qajar (1785–1925) periods. It is believed that the garden’s name comes from the ancient Persian word ‘Pin,’ meaning ending as the area the g...
Jame Mosque
Baba Afzal St
Jame Mosque of Kashan is a 10th century Seljuq era structure, which is said to have been built on the ruins of an ancient Fire Temple. The mosque has two minarets one of which faces the right Qibla (the direction Muslims face when praying) and one with a crooked Qibla. The dome and one of the minarets of the mosque are made of brick. The brick mina...
Kashan Bazaar
Baba Afzal St
Kashan Bazaar is located at the heart of the city. The bazaar, which was built during the Seljuq era in the 10th century, was renovated in 16th century when the Safavids came to power. The bazaar was once devastated by earthquake but a new bazaar was built on the ruins of the old one. The historical bazaar complex has three caravanserais (Mir panj,...
Mohtasham Kashani Mausoleum
Isfahan Province, Kashan, Sabet Alley
Mohtasham Kashani (1528–1588) was a Safavid era poet best known for his elegies about the Shia Imams and most notably his elegy about the battle of Karbala and the martyrdom of the third Imam, Hussein ibn Ali (626-680 CE). The dome of his small mausoleum is tiled and its ceiling is covered in paintings. Mohtasham’s most famous poem is written in wh...
Pirouz Nahavandi Mausoleum
Abu lolo St
+98 31 5533 0016
Pirouz Nahavandi or Abu-Lu'lu'ah Mausoleum was built in honor of this Persian solider who fought against the army of the Second Caliph Umar (579-644). Despite his bravery, he was captured in battle and sold into slavery. Pirouz later assassinated Umar and according to legend, fled to Kashan in Iran where he died. The Pirouz Nahavandi shrine has a d...
Saraye Ameriha
Alavi St
+98 31 5524 0220
Ameri House is a Zand era (1750-1794) structure built as the home of the then governor of Kashan. This historic mansion has 85 rooms and several courtyards, the oldest of which are the Andarouni (interior), which was used by women and servants, and Birouni (exterior) which was mostly used by men. The house has the tallest of residential wind towers...
Sialk Mound
AmirKabir St., Amir al-Momenin St.
+98 31 553 318 83
The Sialk Mound (Tepe Sialk) is an Early Neolithic site near the city of Kashan. This mound is the place where man first used a form of mortar in construction and where cloth weaving, spooling and casting were invented. Evidence suggests that the site, which is seven to nine thousand years old, was not only the starting point of Persian civiliza...
Sultan Amir Ahmad (Qasemi) Bathhouse
Alavi St
Sultan Amir Ahmad or Qasemi Bathhouse is an 11th century public bath built during the Seljuq era (1180-1210). The bathhouse includes a changing room (sarbineh) with a small octagonal pool (Howz) in the center. The changing room (sarbineh) of Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse is famous for its intricate stucco and limestone reliefs as well as its colorful...
Tabatabaei House
Alavi St.
+98 31 552 200 32
Built in the 1880s, the Tabatabaei House in Kashan belonged to a wealthy merchant family of the same name. This historic house, which is located in the old texture of Kashan, is considered the bride of all classic Persian homes. The House, which has been built in an area of 4,700 square meters, has 40 rooms, four courtyards, four basements, thre...